Skridsikre gulve fra Excellent Systems A/S

QuickRamps for all purposes

ramps all kinds of steps and edges Quick Ramps can be used for all types thresholds, doorsteps, steps, edges and ridges in the home, and can be supplied in widths from 75 to 100 cm, or own measurement. Quickramp is made of non-toxic and odorless material.
De skridsikre gulve tåler stærk rengøring Quick Ramps can be used wherever a ledge, edge or stair prevents access for rolling equipment and vehicles etc. Quick Ramps can withstand loads up to 2000 kg.

To get the correct ramp for your purposes, it is very important that you measure properly.

You can measure the width with a tape measure and height with our rampOmeter.
This way you ensure the best that you order the ramp at the right height.

Place the rampOmeter as shown in the picture and press the black measuring stick down. Then read the rampOmeter height in the small fields. Please choose the field where the figure is displayed in the middle.

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skridsikre gulve Quick ramps are available in heights of 4-16 mm and in widths of 75 cm, 87.5 cm and 100 cm, or after the own measurement.
Let at tilpasse de skridsikre GRIP gulve QuickRamps can quickly and easily be installed by everyone, by using either Quick_Tape or Quick-Pads.
De skridsikre gulve er modstandsdygtigt over for aggressive væsker QuickRamps are made of the same material as the inside of a milk carton, and is completely non-toxic and odorless